Hannity: Deep State Actors Are Racing To Cover Their Tracks

A good summary of recent events from Fox News’s Sean Hannity…


Lionel: Trump Knows Which Way The Wind’s Blowing

Personally, I keep getting the impression (maybe with the aid of the “breadcrumbs” QAnon drops) that something big is about to happen vis a vis the Trump/fake Russia collusion scandal we know chapter and verse about.

I got up this morning thinking we should be on alert for some distractive news event so that the MSM can cover something else and let the news of the upcoming Inspector General’s report pass more quietly. As this blog entry goes to press, the MSM is making a big deal about a Texas high school going on lockdown with the reports of shots being fired at (or toward) the school. We’ll see.

EDIT, 11:03am EDT: The preliminary indications are that the situation at the Texas high school (Santa Fe high school) appears to have been relatively minor. Perhaps this is a “new normal” the MSM choose to participate in – as they say in George Orwell’s 1984, war and rumors of war?

EDIT #2, 11:10am EDT: Obviously, you can tell I don’t watch the “so-called news” that frequently, and my apologies for the error in the above edit. There are now reports of “multiple fatalities” in this school shooting. As was the case with the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, the preliminary reports of the shooting being a minor incident now appear incorrect.

EDIT #3, 3:05pm: I don’t like mentioning death tolls, mainly because they are looked upon as if they are statistics. So far, they are pretty sure that at least 8 are deceased, possibly as high as 10 – but these are all numbers that could change in what appears to be the latest “blood sacrifice” of the Deep State.